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The goal cannot flee throughout this time.TM87Swagger The user enrages and confuses the target. However, it also sharply raises the goal’s Attack stat.TM88Sleep Talk While it’s asleep, the user randomly makes use of one of many moves it is aware of.TM90Substitute The consumer makes a replica of itself utilizing a few of its HP. The copy serves because the consumer’s decoy.TM94 Secret Power The consumer assaults the goal with a secret power. Its added results differ depending on the user’s setting.TM100Confide The consumer tells the goal a secret, and the goal loses its capacity to concentrate. Atk stat.Egg Moves Attack NameTypeCat.Att.Acc.PPEffect % Aqua Jet DetailsThe consumer lunges at the target at a pace that makes it almost invisible. It is sure to strike first.Bug Bite DetailsThe user bites the goal.

It can also freeze them stable.TM17Protect It permits the user to evade all attacks. Its probability of failing rises if it is utilized in succession.TM18Rain Dance The user summons a heavy rain that falls for five turns, powering up Water-sort strikes.TM21Frustration?? A full-energy attack that grows more powerful the much less the person likes its Trainer.TM22Solar Beam A two-flip attack.

The syrup is exuded as a defense mechanism, whereas the scent can entice prey. This Pokémon also can secrete oil from the tips of its toes, which permits it to walk on water as if skating. Surskit inhabits ponds, rivers, and similar wetlands, where it feeds on microscopic, aquatic organisms. However, it typically seems in puddles after a rainstorm.

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It additionally lures wild Pokémon if utilized in grass, and so forth.19Water Sport The person soaks itself with water. The move weakens Fire-sort strikes for five turns.25Bubble Beam A spray of bubbles is forcefully ejected on the opposing staff. It can also lower their Speed stats.31Agility The person relaxes and lightens its body to move quicker. There are semicircular pink markings beneath its dark, circular eyes. It has a spherical body with four long, skinny legs extending from it. On prime of its head is a yellow cap with a single antenna that secretes a thick, sugary syrup or a sweet scent.

In its pure habitat, Surskit has been identified to compete with Dewpider over meals. A score system that measures a users efficiency within a game by combining stats associated to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / injury / wards / damage to aims etc. This time, within the spotlight, is the Pond Skater Pokemon, Surskit and by default, it’s evolution, Masquerain. Players participating in the event will get 2x Catch Exp, so it’s a great likelihood to edge closer to levelling up. Mist30——Protects the consumer’s stats from being changed by enemy moves. It draws prey with a candy scent from the tip of its head.Omega RubyFrom the information of its toes, Surskit secretes an oil that allows it to stroll on water as if it had been skating.

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It additionally lures wild Pokémon if utilized in grass, and so forth.14Water Sport The person soaks itself with water. The move weakens Fire-sort moves for five turns.17Bubble Beam A spray of bubbles is forcefully ejected on the opposing group. It may also decrease their Speed stats.22Agility The user relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. It can also freeze the goal solid.TM14Blizzard A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the opposing group.


Click on the era numbers above to see Surskit’s learnsets from different generations. , a number of Surskit had been listening to Nando as he performed his music. , a Surskit was dwelling near the Pokémon School.

ΩRαS Level UpLevelAttack NameTypeCat.Att.Acc.PPEffect %—Bubble A spray of countless bubbles is jetted at the opposing team. It can also decrease the targets’ Speed stats.6Quick Attack The consumer lunges on the goal at a speed that makes it virtually invisible. It is sure to strike first.9Sweet Scent A candy scent that harshly lowers the opposing staff’s evasiveness.

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